Saturday, February 6, 2016

More than Jazz

More than Jazz

More than Jazz is a collection of almost all new works for piano from Rob J Kennedy. Some sad, some happy and some, made to help you escape the world.

Album cover designed by, Mari Uchida, who is a Sydney based illustrator/graphic designer. She has a unique style of sexual, emotional art influenced by her Japanese background.

Here is one happy song off the album. It's a transcription of an early piece of Japanese music, After - Nagai, Iwai and Obata, Kenhachiro, "Seiyo gakufu Nihon zokkyokushu", pub. Miki Shoten, Osaka, 1895.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post Classical in B&W
This music was created between 1984 and 2015. I know, I'm, I'm slow. It's a selection of piano works that fit the post-classical genre. And a few other odd pieces. Like the Scottish one.

You can buy the whole album for $7 Aussies, on Bandcamp. So it's probably next to nothing in your currency if you are a Non-Australian.

Here's the link. Post Classical in B&W

A huge thank you goes to the wonderful Mari Uchida for creating my album covers.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Keith Jarrett meets Prokofiev

Rob Kennedy, far from another day, music, Keith Jarrett, Prokofiev

My music has been described as a cross between Keith Jarrett and Prokofiev.

I've been writing piano and orchestral music for over 30-years. So it's about time I started to put some of it out there. I'm starting with a selection of piano works on my first album, Far from another Day.

On this album, you will hear some Jazz works, post-classical, film music and contemporary piano songs. Nine tracks in all, and for only $7 Aussie dollars, Major bargain.

I'm working on a second album right now. To be released early 2016. It will have some orchestral, electronica, and more jazzy stuff - stay tuned.

I'd love to know what you think. Drop me a line on the site, or here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Friday, August 16, 2013

In Low Company

Here's an excerpt from my new novella, to be released December 1, 2013.

                    This is not the cover
In Low Company
The story of Susan Peeps – Gravedigger

Before the Story
Susan Peeps lived in Beer, in East Devon, in England, between 1968 and 1992. She lived in a small two-story cottage, close to the seaside, on a steep lane, with her husband Samuel. Their house was last in a row of 12. Up their street, each house identical to the point of confusion; but only for tourists, and late night people, who had late nights in the nearby pub.

But Susan and Samuel never went to the pub, except on the occasion of their wedding. They went to the Anchor Inn on the way back from church; they had one drink only, each; they bought all the patrons a tipple, one drink only, each. There were three people there that afternoon; Father Peter Trenchard, the local Anglican priest, was one of those three. As Susan and Samuel left, the three cheered them away, and Father Trenchard blessed them, for all their lives.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painted Cover

Here's a look at the proposed cover for my next novel, Painted. Let me know what you think.

The artwork on the cover is by this brilliant Aussie artist Mai Nguyen-Long  It's titled Maze, 2004.

Carolyne Harris, famous Australian artist, as an elderly woman sits back and remembers the most passionate and artistic time of her life. Her collaboration and love affair with the blind pianist and composer Dominic Kelly.

To be released March 15, 2013.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Pusher

Released today 2/2/2013 The Pusher. A black comedy story of 5000 words. Victor Emmanuel Rossi is The Pusher, but it's not drugs he's pushing. Buy it for $2.99 On Amazon as an eBook HERE

Here is a small sample of The Pusher.

Florence police are baffled by the attack on a woman outside a bank on Via dei Banchi. The attacker, who was said to be wearing a large grey overcoat, knocked into the tourist around 6.15 pm last Tuesday. “He just marched straight into me. Knocked me down and kept on walking. I was stunned.” said the English tourist. Local police have received reports of a man in a grey coat purposely bumping into them. As no one has ever been able to give a description of the attacker other than his grey coat, the police are helpless to do anything. Police urge anyone with information to report it to the Florence police.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hungry City

Here's an Australia Day Freebie. The Hungry City. A short story of one man, lost and alone in a hungry city.

Friday, January 18, 2013

narratorAUSTRALIA: Counting - Rob Kennedy

Do you count things? Your sock? Your pegs? The steps you take! Samuel Peeps counts everything, but in the end what does it all add up to?

Have a read of my short story Counting. Now up on Narrator.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Opening

Hi Everyone,

Below is a story I wrote about an opening at an art gallery I attended.

The Opening 

She was standing with no one. But, she kept others waiting I'm sure. The punters at the gallery weren’t taking any notice of her. She didn’t want them to. They weren’t there to observe her. That she was happy about. It was probably just me in my way that was seeing her.
A fashionable young woman. Tall, a striking blue short dress. She could wear it. Dark hair down to her breasts. A strong bold necklace. Sipping through a straw a fizzy drink. Alcoholic. The type the government wants to tax heavily. They’re fashionable too.
She had no expression on her face. I watched and wondered, how do you get to be like that? I usually show my approval, or disapproval, I usually show something but not then. At times I feel others can hear what I’m thinking, because of my face, but, it’s only what I feel.
She sips at her drink like it’s important. Like it’s part of her makeup. This is a position that someone has to be in at some time in their life, so, she better get the look right. It better be right. I can tell she’s accurate because I've seen young guys hold their beers like this. Between three fingers as they flip it to their mouths.
But, the drink, the sip, this is the way some women do it. You need to look around as you swallow. You don’t focus, just look. The emphasis is on the drink. It’s a lover. It’s important that people know and see this. It means she’s not alone. She’s unique and outstanding.

While I‘m down here, next to myself: Amazon is the term that some people use to describe this young woman. She stands out. Her boots. Her arms and legs, but, she makes it clear that she wants to hide them away. She has to be herself. In front of everyone here she is being herself.
In the flash of an electronic digital camera, she has - long hair, short hair, innocence, lust, desire and the ability to look like she’s not wanting and only there to wait. What is she expecting? A friend? An artist who painted her? That would be my guess. She seems to be there for no reason at all.
If I had to name her, it would be Amy. But I know that it would be a contraction of her doing. I know her parents would have named her one thing, and she, strong and rare, she would have renamed herself. As powerful people do. Not a “Little Thing” but beloved.
The longer I watch her a music develops. Like all music, it's impossible to describe. But it has flutes and harps; it's kind of mysterious and loving. Through this watching, she never sees me. Like the crowd I’m just here being me.
I like her boots. Authority. A map, which has a marked out territory. Boots stamp on things; tracks, paths and memories, but, they're hard to put on. She knows they are visually stunning, like a Paris cafĂ©. They fit as everything else does on and around her. She stands alone, and she’s still looking.
I took a picture of her last night, so I could remember to write this. And I’m finished now, so I’ll delete that picture. It’s probably more than what she’d do for me. But I don’t know that. She might be as wonderful as the woman I love. Perhaps she snapped a picture of me, and in reverse is writing about the opening.