Tuesday, 12 April 2016

From the Beginning to the End

From the Beginning to the End

On quite a few of my songs, I have collaborated with an amazing percussionist from Germany, Yatziv Caspi.
Yatziv Caspi

He has a fresh and unique style, and from the picture above, you will see he is quite diverse in his voice and type of percussion instruments he chooses.

We are collaborating on an album of piano and percussion music. It will be released in May 2016. You can listen to one of the tracks, Before the Middle.

The piano is actually a percussion instrument. Hammers hits the strings like a drumstick or brush hits the skins. That's why the two go together so well. Many famous jazz combos have piano and percussion as the basis for their arrangements and settings.

The album contains seven tracks. There's a theme and variation style going on between each track. They all start out with a very similar intro, and move into a reflective and sad style of music.

The tracks are,

  1. The Beginning

  2. After the Beginning

  3. Before the Middle

  4. The Middle

  5. After the Middle

  6. Before the End

  7. The End

You can see I love playing with word ideas as well as music.


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